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Health is generally kept in mind for most people, but now that the world has entered the 20s with a pandemic, good health is even more at the forefront. In America, for example, health isn’t just a matter of living a healthy life; it can sometimes mean the difference between having enough money to get by and getting financially wiped out by expensive medical treatment that could have been avoided with a healthy lifestyle.

One way that many people strive to maintain good health is through the use of vitamins and supplements. Different people will have different needs and other deficiencies based on personal physiology. Some people may be more prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder and more vitamin D to counteract this. Some people may require a higher intake of calcium, but don’t like eating dairy products, or perhaps are even allergic to them. Others are on diets, such as vegetarian diets, that may result in deficiencies of specific vitamins or minerals. Be part of this BILLION-dollar industry with a top shelf marketing list for your supplement or vitamin products.
There is, therefore, a substantial market for vitamins and minerals, and Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help businesses in these industries to reach out to their customers.

What Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Does
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is proud to be a wholly American owned and operated business. The company got its start when a disabled veteran, after serving the country, decided to put those energies into helping to bolster the business community of the USA. The business began in the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, focusing on marketing efforts to other firms, helping them to find the customers they needed to grow their products or services. A constant stream of results led to steady growth for the company. Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has staff with a combined total of over 50 years of marketing industry experience.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing entered the marketing industry before the widespread use of digital marketing, and so got its start in the direct mail arena. It was here that the company learned core principles about the value of accurate data and, perhaps more importantly, how effective it could be if it were adequately analyzed and used for specific purposes.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has an increased range of services and a broader operating scope of different territories. Direct mail is an essential core service, but it is now accompanied by other services such as digital marketing. The company has dramatically expanded its influence beyond Las Vegas, Nevada. It currently serves the entire United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. North America is now also covered with services for the markets in Canada and Mexico. Even for businesses with global aspirations, access to services in other countries, such as France, across the Atlantic, is now also available.

Tapping The Health Market
If your business creates health products like vitamins, supplements, or others, this is an “evergreen” market that will always be in demand. Good health is a significant concern for many people. Still, with the concerns about health in the pandemic era, this is now a growth industry. There is a massive market for these products, including, but not limited to:

The first and “classic” market is that of vitamins. Some people wish to get vitamins despite not adhering to recommended dietary suggestions, and vitamins are a way to compensate for that. Vitamin D, for example, is a much-needed vitamin that many people don’t get in sufficient amounts, especially in winter, when a lack of sunlight can lead to vitamin D deficiencies.

This is another market similar to vitamins in that dietary or even medical considerations may not always make it possible for people to receive to minerals they need to remain healthy. Calcium and iron, for example, are two much-needed minerals that aren’t always readily available in a person’s diet, especially if medical requirements restrict that diet.

Anti-Aging Products
Youth and the associated benefits of youth, such as more energy, no body aches or pains, and smooth, unwrinkled skin, are a perennial concern with the older demographic. As such, anti-aging products that help people to retain their youth or augment their exercise regimens to boost their youthful benefits are another strong market with proven results.

All-Natural Remedies
While many treatments and medications come from a lab as synthetic solutions, others are all-natural. For people that prefer to take a safer, more holistic, less lab-intensive approach to a healthy lifestyle, all-natural remedies are the answer. Because these aren’t lab created substances, they tend to be safer, with more predictable side effects for users.

Male Performance Products
A healthy sex life is a concern of many men, and as a result, there are many products to cater to this demand. Whether that is testosterone products to boost masculinity and libido, or medications like Viagra and Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction, the market is there, and it is strong.

Female Performance Products
Of course, healthy sex life isn’t just the concern of men; women also pay attention to this aspect of their lifestyle, and products have come onto the market to meet that interest. Flibanserin or “female Viagra” is a product that effectively treats hypoactive sexual desire disorder is another product that has a lot of interest and demand in the healthy sexual lifestyle market.

CBD Products
Now that marijuana and its associated substances are being legalized in different states, CBD is emerging as an effective, non-intoxicating treatment for anxiety and pain management. Professional canine organizations are already advising it to help dogs manage painful conditions. At the same time, CBD is now also prescribed for people to deal with depression, anxiety, and chronic pain from lower back conditions, or even associated side-effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

We Can Help
If you have a business that trades in vitamins, minerals, or other supplements, your most effective means of growing your business is to let people who need your products know that you are offering. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has the vitamins and supplements mailing lists to let you find your customers in the market and reach out to them directly for higher engagement and increased business. Talks to us today.